Our Franchise
Being as a franchisee owner of the "Kedar Road Raiders" is an exciting experience for us. The 'Runners UP trophy' for the year 2011 has given us an opportunity to build new hopes of being the Winning team of 2012.

It has given me and my company "Jain Group" a great learning experience as to become a part of a huge social event for two consecutive years.

During Guwahati JPL 2011 & 2012 :

JPL-Jain Premier League has been a great event specially because its first of its kind in the entire India in a grand way.

The best part of the league was that it was successful in bringing together 3 samaaj of the north-east. The amalgamation of the Guwahati- Dispur-Vijaynagar Jain Samaaj was really praiseworthy. 

From the Bidding event till the Finals everything was decently organised. A Matter of pride for the committee should be that JPL drew amazing crowd and all matches witnessed packed houses.

Team owners also left no means to promote their team and gain support from the fans. It’s easy to gather crowd on an event like Mahaveer Jayanti/Festivals but the success of the JPL managing committee can be seen when a crowd of 5000 people gather to witness a game of cricket. People of all age groups enthusiastically cheered for the teams.

The planning committee of JPL performed their part well and also made it an edge-of-the-seat event. 

Although this being the first year there were certain loopholes which I am sure would be taken care of in the future like Security Measures, Seating arrangements for the audience and involvement of some qualified cricket professionals. 

Guwahati JPL-2013:

The fact that the Jain Premier League is able to sustain itself for the year 2012 is a matter of great pride.

The success of JPL is also due to the constant efforts and hard work of the committee in making it better day by day. As for instance :

In JPL 2012 KRR won their first title of JPL by defeating Nalbari Tigers comprehensively.

JPL 2013 - KRR is back this time to defend the JPL title - the team under the leadership of captain Vicky kala looks confident to defend their title. Batsman Saket Kothari, Nimit jain, Nikhil mittal are in good nick and look confident to tear apart the opposition. The bowlers Abin Jain, Prince Kala and Nikhil will bend their back and bowl line to line - "We want to win JPL 2013 without loosing the match" says Mr. R.K.Jain the owner of the kedar road raiders franchise - JPL 2013 starts from 5 feb 2013 featuring 8 teams.

The teams include Kedar Road, Fancy Bazar, Dispur, Maligaon, Pan Bazar, Rehabari, Athgaon, Initially the teams will play in league of 4 teams in each group and then progress for the knock out stage.

I am confident that my team "Kedar Road Raiders" would give its best performance in the year 2013.

Cheers for KRR!!

Rajendra Kumar Jain
S/O Late Shree Manik Chandji Chhabra
Machkowa.Guwahati -9

Late Manik Chandji Chhabra

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